Deep racial divide in the United States

Viewers watched  a splenetic and very angry Hannity Show on FOX and  even the panelists were  accusing each other of raising the others’ blood pressure. Even viewers’  pressure rose too and many of them must have been  disturbed because of the gross insensitivity and inhumanity being demonstrated verbally towards a mother and father whose 18-year old kid was gunned down by a  policeman and his body left lying on the street for hours.

racial harmony


Flipping through channels, viewers are  hearing a lot of bitter racial rhetoric and whites’ minds are made up while the minds of the blacks are also set on the issue of Darren Wilson, the white police officer , whom the grand jury refused to indict for killing the black teen . Nobody can deny it. There is a very deep racial divide  in America and we  think we should stop pretending.

The American media are also helping to fan the flames of racial hatred and division. Top officials , especially on the Republican side ,  are also not helping the situation at all.

What bothers this newspaper  is the lack of human feelings towards a young boy who was killed . Even if it is true that he was not at his best behaviour , that was no excuse for killing him. If Officer Darren Wilson’s  child was in Michael Brown’s position, would it have been justified for a  cop to kill him ?

We think the rotten justice system is helping to perpetuate racial divisions and Police brutality . Listen to a  cop talking about killing somebody’s kid like it is all about sucking a lollipop. It was not a morally justified killing  and nothing Darren Wilson  says will convince men and women of conscience.

Nerves are very raw in America and we are  wondering when all this racial hatred will end and when  we all will realize that we are all children of God obligated to live in peace and harmony.

We have to give racial harmony a chance in America.

We have to love one another and live in peace.

No race is more superior than the other.

We are all equal before God and every man’s life is important.

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