The blood of the innocent flowed and spilled the streets once more  in Sierra Leone  last Friday June 18, this time in Makeni , when  police and army under the command of  the President Maada Bio opened fire on innocent citizens protesting against the attempt to relocate their thermal electricity generator to Lungi.. About 5 young people were massacred when government forces opened fire with live bullets on the youths.

Regardless of what President Bio and the SLPP Government thought  about the protest by the youths, there was no excuse to use live bullets or lethal force on young people exercising their rights to protest against an unpopular government decision. If the security forces cared for human life,  they would have exercised restraint and used tear gas or rubber bullets to end the rioting. But the use of live bullets  with impunity once again demonstrates reckless disregard for human life—And this is the forte of President Maada Bio, who has always shed innocent blood, since he was a junta leader in the 1990s.



The use of live bullets to kill people protesting an unpopular government action is against international humanitarian law. President Bio, as head of the nations, bears the greatest responsibility for the merciless killings of innocent people by the security forces. This is why COCORIOKO  is surprised that the United Nations, the U.S, Britain, the European Union, the African Union  and the international community are silent and inactive about the gross human rights abuses, bloodshed and  wilful killings by the Maada Bio government.

President Bio deserves to be punished for shedding innocent blood and for continuous human rights atrocities. Since he came to power in 2018, he has killed dozens of Sierra Leoneans .The innocent blood of President Bio’s victims continue to cry out from their graves for justice. Since he came to power, his security forces have massacred innocent people at Mile 91, Tonko Limba, Tombo Village Makeni and the Pademba Road Prisons.  How much more blood must Bio spill before action is taken against him ?

The international community must hold President Bio accountable for his human rights crimes and shedding of the innocent blood of his people. He must face international justice for his human rights abuses and killings in Sierra Leone.




Lawyer Basita Michael writes:

31 lives lost at Pademba Road Prison, 4 in Makeni. While it is the responsibility of the state to fight lawlessness and prevent riots, the use of live ammunition and disproportionate force puts the lives of everyone, including innocent bystanders, at greater risk of death. This is wrong and must stop.To address the root causes of the problem and to ensure justice and accountability there is a need for an independent credible inquiry to investigate these deaths, and to look at the increasing militarization of the state.

John Kanu is feeling broken.
As a Law Enforcement officer, your fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property, to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder, and to respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality, and justice for all but today in SIERRA LEONE we saw the indiscriminately killings of Youths by Law enforcement officers who supposed to protect them.
    • Abdul Majid Kamara What happen to rubber bullets or teargas? With all the money wae international community gee den den go buy 40 jeeps. Each one jeep cost the same as one machine which is 60 thousand dollars. And old machine cost about 40 dollars. This government can’t See More
      Ibrahim Dosty Rubbish, why they didn’t remove the generator from Bo? Stoking fire with an intention to kill, Maada, pose a clear and present danger into the tribal cohesion in Sierra Leone, He is not a witty neither a bright will be too late before Sierra Leoneans realized that. 
      Esther Mansaray Get ur facts before u post rubbish lungi had 3 all out of service with one recently repaired why did the authorities responsible not fix the other 2 ? This party politics is destroying our nation

      Ibrahim Sherrif is feeling sad.

      Can’t create jobs, u recycle jobs by sackin and replace us with ur brothers. Now u killin us for a generator instead of buyin one.
      2yrs achievement for SLPP base on Sierra Leonans death by gun. Makeni 7,Lunsar 4,Tombo 3,mile91 1, Prison 48, kambia 2, Freetown 15.😭😭

      please read below 🚩🚩🚩🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

      The President of the republic of Sierra Leone order the regional minister of the northern by the name of ABU ABU, a relative to the former rebel commander in Sierra Leone civil war Foday Shabana Sankoh, to use the military and police force to executes a massive killing of defenseless and innocent civilians at makani town, because the people demonstrated for there right, by not allowed the above names measured to removed the town generator that supplies electricity in there town.


      Mr. President what did the people of Sierra Leone done to you? that you will not allowed them to have peace in there country.

      Question of HE. President Bio and Team:
      Mr. President, If you Cannot procure a generator for LUNGI, how can you build a bridge?

      But 2023 is the answer?

      Support Richard Konteh as the 2023 APC Presidential Candidate

      David Michael Kamara

      In God I put my trust.

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      Ish Hedd
      Protesters in the USA did the worse in terms of demonstrations.No one was shot.Instead they used tear gas and rubber bullets.

      But in Makeni lethal force was used.Sad

      Kelvin Klin What is happening in Sierra Leone? Why is the international human right and development agencies are quiet? All the killings in that country of harmless citizen are caused by the present heartless leadership of President Bio and his team, in two years the only permanent development he has done respectively is excellent killing of harmless citizen anytime the try to express their dissatisfaction of status of their lives, and community.

      For over 30 years Bo and Kenema had uninterrupted electricity provided through the dam in Kenema and a standby generators in Bo to provided the two townships with electricity when the dam is faulty or up for maintenance.

      All those years the entire country was dark including Makeni, kono and Freetown other part of the country.No government ever attempted to take one generator from Bo to anywhere in the country. Instead power generation and supply was increased to those cities when EBK took power.
      For over 10 years of EBK rule, we didn’t have a situation of taking generators from one city or town to the other.
      In two years of Maada rule, a generator forcefully removed from Kono to Bo and now from Makeni to Lungi Air Port. B


      When the Kailahun people defied curfew and protested due to shortage of food. Militias, Police, OSD never fired CS gas or a single bullet. When there is a protest in Kenema. No fake rambo style photos, posing and brandishing of RPG and crew-served weapons. Soon as they hear of Makeni youths preparing for protest this regime sent troops (no pin code militias) with semiautomatic, crew-served weapons hanging like wild dogs on pickup trucks to kill. Lunsar, Yoni and Pademba Road all these killings are result of youths protesting. Who is in control? Who is ordering these missions and giving orders to execute such? While real soldiers getting medals for killing terrorist, rebels and defending their citizens. Sierra Leonean men in RSLAF uniform posing, branding for killing youth throwing stones. I know professional RSLAF will not do such. Only those who took an oath to protect an individual, tribe and region will do such thing. They are the same ones who took off their green and black for RUF, AFRC, JUNTA’s etc. now posing to rule under the disguise of democracy. Where these guys bullied in Secondary school? No. Did Sierra Leoneans took land from them? No. Killed and shame their family? No. You are a fake soldier. What got me is friends, fake relatives or family members I know and people supporting this regime never condemned these actions. No morals or may be security for them only applies to their region and or tribe by tenure of the political party they support. You are a coward. Grab your crotch and ask yourself what compels you to stay quiet? You have actually identified yourself as part of the problem. Your region and tribe does not surpass the others and by not condemning this barbaric killing of young people you are useless to me. Are you not curious of the fact that your silence means you support the actions of your tribesmen. You support genocide. It always start like this until it rains down on your Varandas. How many more selective killings do you need to watch on your smart phones to persuade you to see what’s already happening? What compels your tribesmen to go on killing of youths. The government stated they are misinformed by local leaders/stakeholders. Well it is obvious knowing what we know now it is premeditated. If you know the youths are misinformed why not used deescalating tactics, social media, tv and radio broadcasts mediums, sensitizing the people about your reason for moving the generator. Government have the means to spin the news, set their agendas and that’s the responsibility of the authority not the misinformed youths. Killing a misinformed youths is like killing your own child. If they are misinformed meaning you failed to communicate to them about your actions. You failed your citizens and country.

      President Bio ruling Sierra Leoneans or just the Southern and eastern?
      A responsible President Should have been now in Makani Sympathizing with is citizens that lost their life in their cold blood.
      The Government of the day is mandated to run the affairs of the state as they deemed fit. Not precluding the relocation of a decade old generator. However, killing your subjects for expressing annoyance is unconscionable, thus indefensible. Moreover, and what perplexed me the most is the conduct of the Military/Police. Hoisting Anti-aircraft grade weapons in the direction of unarmed civilians, seeking refuge in their respective homes, obeying curfew orders, is utterly sad. But what shifts the story from sad to pathetic is the eerie silence of the Bar Association and Civil Society.
      Power is okay, and stupidity is usually harmless. Power and stupidity together are dangerous, that is what we are seeing in our society Presently. Who is the Terrorist between president Bio and the opposition party in Sierra Leone.

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