The Spokesman of the Hinga Norman Defence Fund, Rev.Alfred SamForay , has said that supporters of former Interior Minister Chief Hinga Norman  have reason to believe that the real reason for taking Mr. Norman to Senegal was that the Special Court of Sierra Leone may have already determined his guilt and “As such it is quite convenient to take him there and to incarcerate him there for the duration of his sentence. ”
Rev. Samforay made the assertion today during an exclusive interview with COCORIOKO . Frustrated by what he described as the unfair treatment of Chief Norman , Rev.Samforay quickly injoined :  “This, of course, is unacceptable to us, but we will wait and see how things develop over the next few days.
However, Special Court Chief of Press and Public Affairs, Mr. Peter Andersen also told COCORIOKO  earlier today that Mr. Norman was in knowledge of his trip to Senegal for medical treatment.  Said Mr. Andersen : “We even talked about it while sitting in the UNIOSIL departure lounge at Lungi Airport, joking a bit about whether anybody could speak French. He knew it for sure more than a month ago because it was discussed with him

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