Daniel Buya Kanu is Now Information Commissioner for Northern Province


By Sanpha Sesay

The Texas Chief

Time has come when the unquestionable loyalty of Mr. Daniel Kanu to the All People’s Congress APC party will be rewarded. Mr. Kanu, now officially called, Commissioner Kanu, has just successfully sailed through the Parliament interview on Thursday, August 11, 2014 for the position of Information & Technology Commissioner for Northern Province.



After a month long deliberation on a number of applicants for the same position, the president and his advisors carefully read each applicant’s resume and finally decided to slot in Mr. Daniel Kanu for the Northern region position. Upon Parliament ratification on August 11, 2014, Mr. Kanu is now the Information Commissioner has “The Right to Access Information” in the Northern Province.

Since he returned home to run for Parliament in 2012 General elections,  Commissioner Kanu manifested a strong faith and courage as two things that he believe would get him through the frustration of lose. He believe what the bible say; “For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay (Habakkuk 2:3)”.  Commissioner Kanu never rush, never blame anyone for not able to secure the APC symbol for constituency 56 in Port Loko Distinct during the past Parliamentary elections. He said that, he has total faith that he will beat the socks off the creep.

Commissioner Daniel Buya Kanu was born in Lokomasama Chiefdom, Port Loko District. He married to his faithful and most honest wife, Fatima Kanu commonly called Yamah.  The couple has lived in matrimony for over 25 years and has produced six children.  The elder son, Daniel Kanu Jr. is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Arizona state university in the United States.

Before he migrated to the United States in 1990, Commissioner Kanu has already obtained his higher education and graduated from the University of Sierra Leone (Fourah Bay College) with a honors degree.  He worked briefly for the Reliance Insurance Trust Corporation (RITCORP) before his departure to abroad.

In the United States, the newly appointed Commissioner worked for various companies where he held positions of higher responsibilities. He is a gregarious person and also has the artist’s sensitivity to people and situations. His personality can reacts automatically to every change in this world. That is why he believes no one can exceed him in a position of integrity and ability to produce.

Commissioner Kanu has been a freelance journalist doing correspondences for the Progress News Paper that was used to be published in New York by the late Mr. Foday Kandeh. He has also subscribing to the on-line Cocorioko newspaper, the most popular on-line newspaper in the United States.  He has been a constant commentator in the social media focusing on political, social and economic issues about his country Sierra Leone.

Added to his intelligence, Commissioner Kanu is a sharp gentleman with a bushel full of talents who seem to have a “fableMidas Touch”; that is to say, everything he touches turns to gold. In 1993, Mr. Kanu along with Alhaji Mohamed Jalloh initiated to form the most popular soccer club, Sierra Stars Soccer Association in the United States. Both men believe that football is the best event that can bring us together to build unity among us in the diaspora. They started to galvanize the youths to play football in a community college and today the Sierra Stars club is the best organization in the Dallas for Worth metropolitan.

The newly appointed Information Commissioner for Northern region views a political party identification as a form of social identity. When the APC chapter of Dallas Texas, in the APC/USA branch was established in 2002, by the founding father, Mr. Sheku Tejan Koroma, Commissioner Kanu was elected to become the first Secretary General of that organization. He was reelected again until he finally made his decision to return home to contribute to economic development of the country.

In 2012 General Elections, Mr. Kanu came close to dislodge the incumbent Member of Parliament for constituency 56 in Port Loko District. The primaries that were determine who should win the APC party symbol was so closed that the leader of the party, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has to personally involve to remedying the situation. The incumbent succeeded in winning the party symbol. Mr. Kanu dropped from the race and joins the incumbent team to ensure that the APC wins the sit which according to him was the primary goal.

After the elections, Mr. Kanu decided to embark on a private business getting enormous support from his wife and children in the Texas and stay steadfast to his challenging goals. The appointment of Information Commissioner could be a step forward to his political ambition and aspirations. Good luck Commissioner Kanu.


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